Sudden Death in a Bighorn Ewe

Sudden death in a bighorn sheep.

  On a July afternoon under the blistering Okanagan sun, a microscopic force delivered sudden death to an apparently healthy bighorn ewe. Her radio-collar told us she died at 7 pm July 18. When we reached her location, the air still sticky at 3 am, we found her intact, bedded…

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Punk Rocker Stone’s Sheep

Photos of radio-collared Stone’s sheep on BC’s Alaska Highway show up on family trip blogs around the world, some with very unusual interpretations about the “jewelry” the “deer” (?) are wearing…. Photographer Eddie Fisher has some fantastic wildlife photos online. A couple of them feature S8M Sheep 21. Check out…

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A Perfect Field Season!

This gallery contains 57 photos.

This is year 7 of a 10 year site monitoring project we are doing. We downloaded the last of this season’s data and dismantled the equipment set-ups for the winter. We’re thrilled to have had a perfect field season. No data losses due to theft, vandalism, animal damage, maxed out…

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