Project Management

Build your social license with independent science and collaborative approaches to integrated resource management

We provide scientific leadership to multi-agency and interdisciplinary teams involved in fish and wildlife research and integrated resource management planning. Our track record includes implementation of large-scale, multi-stakeholder projects with budgets in excess of $1.7M dollars.

Every project has challenges, from equipment failures to collaborative road blocks to funding flip flops. We’ve weathered them all successfully with a focus on the big picture: reliable data for effective and defensible management decisions.


SAE Responsibilities in Recent Collaborative Projects


The South Okanagan Similkameen Bighorn Sheep Psoroptes Monitoring Project was established by Aaron Reid and Andrew Walker, BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. The research is being managed and implemented with support from Synergy Applied Ecology, working on behalf of project partners and stakeholders under multiple agreements with contributing funding organizations.  


Sustaining and promoting a trophy lake trout fishery in Williston Reservoir is a unique opportunity to meet conservation and tourism-related goals consistent with local community objectives and provincial government mandates. At its core the project is a research and monitoring program to support long-term sustainability of lake trout in Williston Reservoir. Our focus, however, is also on community development of the benefits this exceptional fishery offers local business, tourism, and recreation, and the support that we can provide for industry as regional development projects proceed.


The North Peace Stone’s Sheep Sustainability Steering Committee was established as an independent working group of industry, government, resource, and conservation sector representatives to address commitments made in the M-KMA pre-tenure planning process.  With support from a Science Advisory Committee, the Steering Committee was charged with developing a Stone’s sheep research program and providing management recommendations to the M-KMA Advisory Board and the BC Government.  

From 2006 to 2012, the research was managed and implemented by Synergy Applied Ecology (SAE), working on behalf of the committees under multiple agreements with project funding partners.  SAE personnel were responsible for developing work plans and writing proposals that secured over $1.2M for the project; managing annual and total project budgets and finances; managing project personnel and service sub-contracts; planning and supervising field data collection; managing and analyzing project data; producing technical reports, manuscripts, and project communications; and presenting progress reports at regular stakeholder and advisory committee meetings.

Local and traditional knowledge of Stone’s sheep ecology was compiled by Ross Peck and the Kaska Dene Institute.  



Our Philosophy

Our name, Synergy Applied Ecology, is an expression of our philosophy.

We believe that an integrated, collaborative approach to natural resource management is the most effective way to develop innovative practices and policies that are ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable.  This belief is exemplified in our work through the development of research collaborations and mentoring opportunities, liaison with multi-stakeholder interest groups, and workshop-based development of policies and practices.

Our goals for collaborative work include:

▪    A commitment to the highest standards of research and accountability

▪    Independent, objective scientific support for multi-stakeholder initiatives

▪    Opportunities for shared, experiential learning

▪    Effective public engagement

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