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20150626_SAE_5346Clint Cubberley, Registered Professional Biologist

Clint’s skills and expertise have been applied to a diverse range of fish and wildlife projects over the course of more than 15 years in environmental research and consulting.

Early work focused on salmonid habitat assessments, kokanee salmon enhancement programs, stream restoration, environmental monitoring of site remediation and construction projects in riparian areas, and operational fish and fish habitat assessments for the timber industry. His technical aptitude and acute problem solving skills in challenging field projects quickly led to leadership roles in both aquatic and terrestrial research programs.

Research highlights include contributions to the design and implementation of fish access mitigation trials; determining movements, redd selection and site fidelity of adfluvial bull trout; indexing reservoir tributaries for adfluvial bull trout population estimates; grizzly bear DNA collection for regional distribution and population estimates; assessing timing and frequency of trail and mineral lick use by mountain goats to inform forest development plans; and research on Stone’s sheep habitat use and population dynamics to inform oil and gas pre-tenure plans. Analytical specialties include database management and programming, geospatial data processing, and advanced applications in R statistical software.

He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of British Columbia Okanagan with a major in Freshwater Science. Fish ecology and the biogeochemical properties of aquatic systems continue to be academic interests, with a current focus on novel applications for fish otolith microchemistry analyses. He also enjoys teaching and contributes to limnology, water quality sampling, and fish ecology education programs for youth.


▪    B.Sc. Freshwater Science
▪    Stream Restoration Design and Monitoring
▪    Stream Analysis and Fish Habitat Design
▪    Identification of Freshwater Fishes of British Columbia
▪    Backpack Electrofishing Certified Crew Supervisor
▪    Environmental Monitoring of Construction Projects
▪    Orientation to the Environmental Assessment Act
▪    Chemical Immobilization and Handling of Wildlife; Wildlife Necropsy

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