You Can Help // Share Your Sheep Sightings

20150420_SAE_4161_share your sightingsYou can help with sheep observations for the SOKS Bighorn Psoroptes Monitoring Project.

We’re interested in sheep observations anywhere in the South Okanagan and Similkameen, from Kelowna to Keremeos, Princeton to Osoyoos.

Record the date, time, location, group size, number of lambs, and a description of any collars and tags.

We love to see your photos! Send us a pic of the whole group if you can – this provides a lot of useful data.

Submit your sheep reports and photos here or share them as a private message on our soksbighorn Facebook page.

What is the SOKS Bighorn Psoroptes Monitoring Project? Read all about it here.

Pamela Hengeveld

Wild sheep specialist and founder of WILDLIFE.FISH. Also known as the quiet neighbour with the really big freezer.

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