Hockey Analytics Conference

Yup, we’re numbers geeks. We spent Saturday at the Calgary Saddledome to take part in the second Alberta Hockey Analytics conference.

Why? Many of the analytical issues we face in our profession are also challenges in other data-centered industries. The National Hockey League is shifting toward greater interest in  – and acceptance of –  the relevance of game statistics in team management.

Presentations from NHL executives, research analysts and industry bloggers gave insight to how hockey analytics is evolving — everything from collecting reliable data during the game, to highly sophisticated data analyses and effective communication, answering questions relevant to managers, players, and fans.

We often wonder how wildlife management would fare if it was subjected to the same data scrutiny and analysis that is quickly becoming mainstream in professional sports.

Pamela Hengeveld

Wild sheep specialist and founder of WILDLIFE.FISH. Also known as the quiet neighbour with the really big freezer.

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